Larye D. Parkins

600 Turner Avenue

Shelton, WA 98584

(360) 426-1718


Senior or lead systems administration position in medium to large-scale site using UNIX as the predominant client-server environment. Will consider contract or full-time employment




Information Engineering Services

Shelton, WA

Owner/Consultant: Information engineering, software engineering; data modeling, systems analysis and design; web design and programming; remote system administration; network hardware installation and upgrade for small business clients; and support for research projects


Perot Systems Government Services (formerly Soza)

Hamilton, Montana

Unix Systems Administrator, Network Administrator. Manage Solaris and Linux networks at client site, National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease, Rocky Mountain Laboratories). Support bioinformatics infrastructure using commercial software, open source, and custom programming. Manage cluster of systems running the Finch Suite of Bioinformatics and the ERGO Bioinformatics Suite.


University of Montana

Missoula, Montana

Unix Systems Administrator, Computer and Information Services: Managed campus email system servers, DNS servers, on-line courseware servers, and computer laboratory server. Member of information technology committees advising on technology upgrades and information technology policy and procedures.


Concurrent Technologies Corp.

Bremerton, Washington

Network Administrator: Manage corporate and customer internet, intranet, and LAN servers and networks, including:


Chapman University, Bangor AC

Silverdale, Washington

Adjunct Assistant Professor: Taught undergraduate computer science courses, including Compiler Construction, Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Programming Languages, and Data Structures, one to four classes per year: Used Unix, C, Common Lisp, CaML, and Prolog languages in classes. Part-time.


Anteon Corp.

Bremerton, Washington

Systems Manager: Install, configure, and administer enterprise database, file, and Web servers for 500+ user client system (USACE Seattle District). Configure and maintain network information services: DNS, DHCP, NIS+.



Bremerton, Washington

Software Engineer: Systems analysis, design, programming for logistics planning; maintain system test procedures.


Olympic College

Bremerton, Washington

Adjunct Instructor: Substitute instructor: C, Advanced C. Temporary, part-time.


Computer Dynamics, Inc.

Bremerton, Washington

Project Manager: Managed field office for Virginia Beach, Virginia corporation


Software Research Northwest

Vashon, Washington

Software Engineer: Implemented enhancements to college administration software and non-profit organization management software, provided direct customer support, resolved problem reports; prepared user documentation. EasyReporter; COBOL; HP3000; MPE-XL.


Sperry Corp./Unisys Corp.

St. Paul, Minnesota

Staff Engineer, Principal Engineer, Senior Engineer: Progressive career growth within customer service organization through long-term field assignments in New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Washington, as well as short-term assignments. On-site vendor technical representative at software development facilities: participated in system development teams for multi-computer real-time control systems.


Master of Software Engineering

Seattle University


BA, Physics

Wartburg College





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