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Family History in the Making. This is where family members can share photo albums and personal stories.

Larye and Judy's Personal Pages

A lot of our newer adventures and musings are now posted in our blogs, but references to separate pages are still found here.

We've put together a collection of pages we've shared with our friends and family over the past few years, and decided to put them where they can be found. So, here is our scrapbook, summer vacation slide show, and all those other things that people trot out for company when simple conversation fails. We still plan on putting some history and old photos in the geneology section of this web, but, as you can see, we're too busy fooling around with visiting relatives and building hideaways. Some of our earlier pages were converted from word processed material, so the photos are a bit big. Most of the pages have lots of photos. Listings are newest first.

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