Hamilton Garden 2002

Judy saw a flamingo-infested stump last fall in Ripon, Wisconsin and just had to have her own. As luck would have it, our new house came complete with the stump of what was, until 2000, the largest elm tree in Montana. Of course, we just had to salt it with plastic flamingo habitat.


Here's a view of the walkway to the garage, lilacs in full bloom, just three weeks after the last snow. But, this was the last week in May...


A view from the patio looking at the back of the house


The East Lawn

Here's a panoramic view of our "east lawn" on the side of the garage away from the house. Taken 06:00am, just before sunrise, June 16, 2002. It's a big picture, scrolling from west to north to east to south to west, so it will take a while to load.