Hikes in the Bitterroot Mountains, Montana, 2002

June 30, 2002. Our first hike of the season took us up Bear Creek. The trailhead is about four miles southwest of Victor, Montana, coordinates 46,22.8N:114,16W:4100ft. Click here for trail pictures.
July 21, 2002. After several weeks of scorching days and evening thunderstorms, the weather turned clear and mild, enticing us to head for the high country. Our destination is the Twin Lakes basin, at the headwaters of Lost Horse Creek, one of the few really remote areas in the central Bitterroot Range accessible by motor vehicle. Leaving the valley at 3800 ft elevation, the pavement ends about three miles up Lost Horse Creek, after which the primitive, rough and rocky road climbs steadily along the creek, then after the creek branches, traverses an old burn area , ending at a parking area at the head of Lower Twin Lake, elevation 6570ft, 46,9N:114,29W. Click here for trail pictures.
September 21, 2002. This was a solo trip by Larye: Judy was a a conference in Seattle this weekend. The first day of Fall also marked the first frost in the valley, but the day dawned bright and clear. One of the destinations on the summer list of hikes was the Fred Burr Reservoir, which used to be accessible by road but has been cut off by private development, limited to hiking and horseback easements. The trail to the reservoir is about four and a half miles from the new trailhead. Because the trail was originally a road, Larye decided to try it on his bicycle, a no-suspension Specialized Hard Rock configured for commuting (fenders, lights, clipless pedals, racks), which turned out to be not suitable at all. The route was fairly steep and very rough in places, guarded by bull moose and now the site of at least one spectacular bike wreck, but he survived to tell the tale, told here.