The Frost is on the Pumpkin: Halloween, 2003

Here we are, the morning of November 1, 2003. Overnight temp was about -9 Celsius, it was -2 Celsius inside the cabin when we arrived about 7:00pm Halloween night. It had snowed earlier in the week, probably Wednesday. We lit a fire in the stove, had the temperature up to normal room temp of 20 C. by bedtime, but the drinking water pitcher still had ice in it.
The lawn chairs are where we left them in early September, the last time we were here: the temperatures had been balmy all through September and October, though we had been busy traveling and working on home projects and hadn't been up since.
We had "winterize cabin" on our list of things to do, one item of which was to empty the rain barrels, now frozen solid in the arctic blast that moved in early in the week.
Yup, the downspouts froze as the sun melted the snow on the roof. We elect to just leave them alone: we'll be back this way in about three weeks, and it may warm up to above freezing before then. It's much easier to dump out 1200 liters of water than to wrestle more than a tonne of ice away from the cabin. Part of the winterizing process is to hook up large drain hoses to the downspouts to carry away the snowmelt, which means moving the barrels and having the downspouts clear of ice.
Just before dawn on November 2, it started snowing. Here's a shot of the car as we were preparing to head back home about 11:30 am. The road was snow-packed out to the highway, but the highway was heavily sanded and well-traveled. Further south, the snow was lighter, with little trace in the Bitterroot Valley by the time we arrived home at 3:30 pm.