Landscaping Plan for 600 Turner Ave

600 Turner Ave. is a 1927 Bungalow (Stoehr House) located at the intersection of Angleside and Turner. The house faces slightly north of east (toward the center of Oakland Bay), with the side of the house facing Turner. The driveway is nearly level, entering the basement garage between two rock walls, so the house is elevated on a slight rise to the east. Access to the rear of the house is up a stair on the left, along a walkway to the northwest corner. The property is semi-circular, dropping in two major steps to the north. to follow Angleside as it traverses down the hillside.

The first half of the photos below are the "before" we submitted to our landscaper. Work started in early October and completed in early December. The detail design evolved in early layout. Most of the excavation and construction work was done during November while we were traveling. The last half of the photos below show the completed project. Over the winter, we plan to do some work ourselves, primarily pruning the fruit and nut trees in the lower yard, and adding stepping stones to the path to the lower yard.

Right side of front porch. Extend flower bed as a dry creek to collect downspout water.

Looking to north from front walkway. Yardstick for reference.

Continue dry creek across yard and down natural swale to bottom of slope.

Looking northeast from corner of house. Cotoneaster under rhody needs removed

Looking east. Ivy and shrubs around dogwood need pruned.

North side of house. Restructure beds. Future patio area (remove sandbox, relocate composter.

Patio area between fireplace chimney (to left) and utility-room/pantry to right. [plant Nandina along foundation?]

Holly and ash trees at northwest corner, clean out under and landscape for natural undergrowth. Possibly relocate stair to lower yard in this area.

View of lower north yard, vegetable beds and briar patch. Trim laurel next to grape arbor (continue where neighbor left off).

Center view of lower yard. Needs plantings along top of ditch bank, like silal or other shade-loving shrub, set back from edge so city mowing doesn't destroy, to mitigate traffic noise and sight lines.

Walnut, apple, and plum. Dry creek to end in rock garden between hazelnut and walnut trees.

Pathway down hill for dry creek.

Grape arbor. To be pruned and underbrush cleared.

Quince to west of kitchen. Prune and trim, rework rock garden into dry creek, extend along bank uphill (q.v.).

Crocosmia bed between west side of house and walkway.

Embankment to neighbor's yard. Prune ivy, add dry creek at base of bank to join rockworks under quince (to right). Future garden shed (6x8) about where garden cart is in this photo.

Looking north along west side of propertyLooking north along west side of property. Slope drainage to north.

Rock wall on west side of driveway. Needs ground cover planting to overhang top of wall.

South end of rock wall. Prune ivy, salmonberry and thimbleberry, extend ground cover to end of wall.

area behind mailbox to be bulb garden: dig out, build up with railroad ties (seen in previous photo).

East side of driveway. Trim ivy, especially away from fence.

Revise plantings along south foundation, relocate plants, extend plantings to replace some or most of grass in front lawn.

Fence along south side of yard. Replace grass with plantings.

Extended view of fence.

Prune and groom plantings around rhody at end of fence.

Revise plantings in front of porch, relocate plants, separate incompatibles, add clematis in corner near steps.

Results: Driveway extension.

Results: Retaining wall plantings and pruning

Results: Front lawn

Results: Fence plantings

Results: Front lawn, detail

Results: Circular planting beds, side yard

Results: Porch flowerbed

Results: Middle circle, detail

Results: Large circle, with moss starters, sized for our screened dining tent.

Results: Walkway to patio and dry creek

Results: Patio, with herb garden planter/wall

Results: Dry creek with pond

Results: Patio detail

Results: Patio overview, crocosmia beds mulched on hillside

Results: Lower yard, with grape arbor and composter`

Results: Side yard, with french drain and rock bed

Results: Detail of "squirrel-proof" feeder, modified with thrift-store cake plate to actually work

Results: New path to lower yard, replacing dangerous stair

Results: Clothesline found inside hedge--to be removed

Results: Detail of "pond" at foot of dry creek, with heron metal sculpture

Results: Rear of house, looking up from lower yard

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