Our southern sunshine vacation

To escape the doldrums of our first full winter in Montana, we headed for sunny Arizona. Here we are at the border after visiting family in New Mexico.

Looking forward to some sun beside the pool, we eagerly unpack the car at the resort. Ah, to be in the heart of sunny Arizona. Did I mention we got a really good deal on the room rate?

After being cooped up indoors in Montana all winter, it was sure good to be able to enjoy Arizona outdoor living on the deck.

Actually, the Arizona vacation was just a side trip. The real mission was to visit the newest members of the family. Here's me scaring the diapers off D'Angelo Ray Giron, five days old. Mom is Krysti, at left, my oldest granddaughter.

Here's D'Angelo's big brother and sister, overjoyed. Claudissa (4) wanted a sister, and Marciano "Chano" (2-1/2) just knows he's being replaced.

Here's Zanthian Parkins Santacroce, youngest grandson. We hoped to meet him while he was still a baby, but at nine months, he's nearly outgrown his walker and is ready to head off on his own. Zanthian spends his days at mom Shawna's office, which is also where dad Steve works.

Granddaughter Zylania (11), Zanthian's big sister, doesn't mind being displaced as the only child, because less parental attention gives her more opportunity to torment cousins Cage (6) and Alex (7).

Youngest son Jason (Alex's and Cage's dad) with daughter Sheri, our hostess for the weekend, and Sheri's friend Jose.

Last but not least, Paul Lopez, Jr. (2-1/2), the oldest (by a month) great grandson. Paul Sr. is hoping to put together a whole baseball team of cousins and second cousins. Only three more boys to go...