Parkins Household Adopts Two Cats

Felines settle in their first day in their new home.


Nicolaus practices his couch potato technique. He likes to curl up in front of the TV and sleeps under the bed. Not used to living in a house, he keeps a sharp eye out for the "super."


"Queen" Delia in her chambers. Her second favorite spot is on the bay window seat in the dining room. Favorite saying: "It's mine, all mine."


Four months later, the pair is part of the household. Delia has become more sociable, and Nicolaus takes up residence on the 'fridge to better keep an eye on the cooking, which fascinates him. Nicolaus was anorexic when he arrived, but has nearly doubled in weight, on a normal dry catfood diet. However, he still has a weakness for eggs and hashbrowns, and both cats like a taste of roast chicken on the rare days meat appears on the table. Both like family evenings curled up on the sofa.

2006 Update: Since the cats arrived in the spring of 2000, we have moved to Hamilton, where the cats settled into a new home, complete with cat door and a nicer yard. Nicolaus fell ill and passed in February 2005; Delia has settled into her role as the only cat, which suits her well, even though we took away her cat door after too many birds showed up in the bathtub.