The Parkins Report

Events of 2006


Family travels dominated the long trips this year: New Mexico for Easter, Wisconsin for graduation, Minnesota for reunions and funerals.

Other than a few car trips to the cabin, our main form of local travel this year was by bicycle, putting on about 1000 miles training for the MS150 ride in western Washington in September.

In early October, we met with friends John and Debbie Bailey, who we hadn't seen in many years, at Pullman, WA for the 2006 Prairie Home Companion radio show tour. In November, we took a full week holiday excursion to Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Home Front

We had the living room and dining room painted this summer, finally ending several years of peeling wallpaper and patched chimney holes.

The garden was revived with a new cover for the greenhouse. We raised squash, eggplant, peppers, and yellow pear tomatoes, the only kind that we can get to ripen, after first frost.

The plane: you can track the slow progress on the airplane at, which is updated at least once a month.

Health was a big issue this year, as Judy had surgery on her right shoulder and lots of physical therapy: she is much improved as the year ends.

Judy's beaded quilt wall hanging project, “Synergy,” won first place in a local bead contest and went on to win Best of Show over all Home Arts categories at the Ravalli County Fair.

Both of us entered quilts in the Ravalli County Fair this year. In addition to the Best of Show, Judy won first, second, and third in various categoriesthe first place was for her beaded goddess doll completed the previous year. As for Larye'swell, they don't turn anyone away. The judging comments were kind and instructive. Larye is also in his second year in a quilting/sewing club.

On the Internet

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Detailed articles with pictures: MS150, Vancouver, BC, Ashley's graduation, etc. linked from


1MS150 Stage 1: crossing Deception Pass Bridge, near the halfway point of a very hilly course. (75Km stage)


Aircraft project:

Quilts at:


Larye & Judy Parkins

PMB 435, 610 1st St., Suite. 5

Hamilton, MT 59840

(406) 375-6139 (406) 240-3328 (406) 240-3328


Realizations Fabric Arts still keeps Judy busy. She has branched out, making more quilts herself for sale, along with a line of small bags and pillows, including, bead embellishment on most.

Larye continues to work for Perot Systems Government Services under contract to NIAID, at Rocky Mountain Laboratories. At 5-1/2 years, this is the longest project in his 41-year career.


Passages: Floyd Strube, Larye's uncle, November 10.

Visits were lamentably short and fragmented. We spent Easter weekend in Las Cruces with the Parkins clan. We also attended Ashley's high school graduation in Oregon, Wisconsin in June, and the first Strube family reunion in more than 40 years, in Minnesota.

Judy's brother-in-law Ben had his 80th birthday party in early July, attended by Judy's brother Tom, niece Rhonda and family, and nephews Rick and Rocky.

We visited with Judy's brother Tom and sister-in-law Danielle in their new home in Odessa, Washington, and Mark and Candice in their new home in Carnation, Washington, during our travels to MS150 and Vancouver.


Our local circle of friends includes quilting, beading, and sewing groups, who make us feel very much a part of a dynamic community. We are also making new friends among the local community of experimental aircraft pilots and builders.

We enjoyed a visit with former RMLer Dr. Jon Krum in Blanding, Utah, on our way to New Mexico.

Our neighbor, Ellen, survived a stroke this fall: she is recovering at home and hosted Thanksgiving dinner this fall: much for which to be thankful.

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Our best wishes to all of you for happiness and good health in the coming year ahead, and a fervent wish for peace and harmony among all humanity.

Larye & Judy

January 2, 2007