The Parkins Report

Events of 2001

The 3rd Millennium opened with another year of more of the same--continual change: jobs, house, relatives, enemies of the state. We had interesting times as well: snowstorms in June, long-term house guests, sudden house sales.

We sold our Missoula house the day we listed it in mid-July, and moved to Hamilton, Montana, via Corvallis, Montana, spending seven weeks in a rented trailer while we juggled house deals. Our new house is older (1915 vs 1920) and smaller, so we sold a lot of furniture and still have a garage full at this writing.


We combined our family visit to New Mexico in March with a detour to Kansas on the way home for cousin Sam Parkins' wedding, via Santa Fe and Taos. In late August, we motored to Wisconsin for Matt and Tricia's wedding, and Judy took a solo car trip to Puget Sound this fall to visit son Mark and a few of our many friends in the old stomping grounds.

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Moved again - At home in the Bitterroot Valley, Montana


Again, job changes, additions, and expansions.

Judy retired from her job as Medical Care Coordinator for APS Health Systems, (formerly VRI) in March. A shopping trip for a "beater" sewing machine led to a part-time job selling sewing machines at Sew Central, which lasted until our pending move. She continues to volunteer at the Missoula Senior Center, making quilt tops, traveling to the "big city" every week or so. She hopes to expand her home business, Realizations, in the coming year.

Larye was offered a position with SOZA, an accounting and information services company in the Washington, DC area, and now works on contract at the Rocky Mountain Laboratory of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, providing system administration services.

Larye also continues his home-based consulting business, Information Engineering Services, but at a limited pace.


Larye & Judy Parkins
PMB 435, 610 1st St., Ste. 5
Hamilton, MT 59840
(406) 375-6139 (406) 240-3328 (406) 240-3329


Additions: welcome to daughter-in-law Patricia Jenkins-Bock, Ashley (13), and Travis (9).

Our spring visit to the New Mexico Parkins' clan introduced us to last year's crop of December babies, Zundrian Parkins Santacroce and Patrick Lopez. Son Larye moved to Montana about the same time, and granddaughter Zylania visited the last few weeks before we moved. Larye lent a hand to our continued cabin finishing project and we took some day hikes together in the mountains above Missoula and the cabin.

On the Bock side of the family, Mark and Candice visited in July, we all participated in Matt and Tricia's wedding in September, and Judy spent a few days at Mark's this fall.


Thanks to those who "dropped by" this last year. We're a bit further off the beaten track, but the welcome mat is still out: we're in a friendly small town with great scenery, come on down.

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