The Parkins Report

Events of 1999

The end of the millennium has been marked with change. But, that seems to be normal. The frightening part is the apparent increase in the rate of change.

Short trips and big moves were the order of the day during this past year. We spent last Christmas at a B&B in the Olympic Mountains, spent a getaway weekend in Portland, OR, then set our sights on serious lifestyle change...

The Montana cabin project dominated much of our time. We put up the first story in May and topped it off with roof and chimney in July. The logistics of travel to our refuge across three mountain ranges over twice the fuel range of our vehicle in winter seemed a major flaw in our weekend getaway plans. The solution was deceptively simple:

In August, we sold our condo in Bremerton (in one day!) and moved to Missoula, Montana¾an hour's drive from our cabin. As winter approaches, we are busy renovating a turn-of-the-century bungalow in Missoula while still continuing to work on making the weekend cabin habitable.

Building the Cabin

The "Y2K Bunker" project: From site selection to construction (warning: 1.35 MB--will take up to 10 minutes to load)

The Bunker, near Polson, MT


Again, job changes. The move to Missoula was actually precipitated by Larye's new position as Unix Systems Administrator at the University of Montana. Larye finds the campus atmosphere and work pace to be more compatible and challenging than the last few positions. However, he still remains on-call for consulting at both previous jobs.

Judy is looking forward to a major career change¾working in a quilt shop-¾after more than ten years in the health insurance business. But, she spent two months after the move as a full-time household manager. The renovations necessary to get the house ready for winter and long-term habitation have certainly required a full-time person. So far, we have replaced the kitchen floor, the furnaces (2), replumbed the laundry and installed new appliances, installed a new kitchen stove, and painted most of the rooms. Much more to go.

The Bungalow, Missoula, MT

Larye once again commutes by bicycle, although the campus is within walking distance for snowy, slippery mornings. Missoula, nestled against the mountains in a flat river valley, has nearly as many bicycles as cars, since there are only a few hundred parking spaces for the 12,000 students, faculty, and staff at UM. An extensive bike path system offers weekend recreation.

Affiliation with a major university offers opportunity to take in the many cultural events at the school. While we miss attending the Pacific Northwest Ballet, as we have for the last eight seasons, being able to walk from our house to an outdoor Shakespeare play and to music recitals and lectures is a big plus.


Larye & Judy Parkins

501 Blaine St.

Missoula, MT 59801

(406) 728-8229 (406) 240-3328 (406) 240-3329


Additions: Zanthian Parkins Santacroce, born to Shawna and Steve on May 26.

Passages: Cleo, beloved cat, September 6, at age 20.

Congratulations to Sheri and to Mark and Candice on becoming first-time homeowners. Sheri is busy decorating her new home in Las Cruces, NM. Mark and Candice moved from Richland, WA, to Lakewood, WA, where Candice is the city's economic development coordinator. Mark works at a civil engineering firm in nearby Tacoma. Congratulations also to Larye Dean on his new career and family.

Our spring visit to New Mexico and the Parkins families renewed ties with the usual crowd, and a few new faces: Larye, Ivonne, and Desi; Sheri & Tim; Jason, Alex, and Cage; Shawna, Steve, and Zylania; Krysti, Marty, Claudissa, & Marciano (Jaden); and Kalen, Paul, and Paul Jr. Missed Lisa this trip, again.

On the Bock side of the family, Matt is still in Wisconsin, but we saw him at Mark's in September.

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